Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our project is about our last holidays!

My holidays was very, very, very good. The hotel was big and very beautiful. The food was delicious. It was great because I played football every day. The people were very funny. I will go again.

I went to my grandma's house. I liked the sea. The food was delicious. It was a beautiful place because it had beautiful flowers and trees. The people were nice.

I went to my grandma and grandpa. I liked the village. I went to my house. I liked the spaghetti. I saw my cousin, my grandma and my grandpa.

My holiday in Mykonos was fantastic. I stayed in my grandma's house. In the morning, I drank milk with cookies. In the afternoon, I ate fish and juice. Not every day, but this is my favourite food. Mykonos is the best island in the world. I like this island because it is big, it has got a big city and it has got big beaches. The people in Mykonos are very good. They have got good character.

My holiday in Serres was exciting. The cottage was fantastic. The food was delicious because it was food of the countryside. The place was beautiful because it was next to the beach and there were a lot of trees and we went to the sea in the morning and in the evening. The people were happy, friendly and welcoming.

Last summer I went on holiday to Lefkada. It was a great holiday. My grandfather lives in the village Haria in Lefkada. His home is fantastic. The food was tasty. The place was next to the beach and there were a lot of trees. The people were friendly and welcoming. I love Lefkada very much.

I went to a hotel in Lamia. It was a great holiday. The hotel was fantastic. The food was delicious. It had a very big breakfast! The place was wonderful. It had a lot of flowers and trees! It also had an old hotel and an amazing river. The people were very friendly.

Last summer I went to Crete. My holiday there was exciting. The hotel was amazing. The food was tasty. The place was fantastic because it had a big square next to the beach. The people there, were friendly and welcoming.

I went on holidays to Kefalonia. It was great. I went with my father, mother, sister and brother. Kefalonia is exciting. My mother, father, sister and brother went to Poros. They went to aunt Helen and uncle Petros. The house was small. The garden was big. The cat ate at noon. The food was great. In the afternoon I had a big ice cream. In the morning I went to my house in Haidari.